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Web Design

According to statistics, the Internet has become a necessity that determines worldwide Internet users to make annual huge expenditures. The online market is in a continuous process of development, which means that now it can be accessed easily. WITHOUT A WEBSITE, A COMPANY DOES NOT EXIST. Every web page consists of quality information, animated effects, photos and videos, links etc., optimized for the specific purpose of that website.

Our company is specialized in creating websites for businesses who want to have an online competitive, professional and modern image.

Among the main reasons of exposing your business to the online world and not doing business just locally:
– Expand your target audience to a wide area (Whole Country or Globaly);
– It is simpler, faster, and more convenient to find information about a business accros the country, or even accros the city;
– You have the possibility of creating a simpler and quicker overview of the company’s products;
– Visiting a few stores online is faster and safer than running through stores throughout the city;
– New online payment security is getting stronger and inspires more confidence.

We are glad to offer a new image to many businesses in the following categories, but not limited to: Food, Lawyers, Beauty, Health, Personal, Religion, Technology, Construction, Hobby, Nature, Photography, Online Shop.

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Redesign and Development

With time passing and the continuous evolution of the technology and the online environment, your website becomes rusty and you may loose visitors. If your website has not been updated for a long time, and its appearance is outdated, we propose its partial or total reconstruction.

The online environment is a very dynamic branch, which implies that a website should be constantly updated, maintained and improved. The redesign solutions that we offer include porting the website on a platform of content management (Content Management System) like WordPress, site optimization for the user aspect, being as important as optimizing for search engines, and full restoring of the internal structure which allows better accessibility of web pages. Restoring internal structure of web pages, will allow you to easily manage and update the website without the help of a specialist.

The redesign services that we provide include:
– Totally or partially changing of the theme graphics;
– The restructuration of internal links;
Updating and / or modifying content (text, images);
– Adding new web pages;
– Adding new links;
– Adding new functions: forms, modules, animations, etc .;
SEO and user optimization;
Reconstruction of the website on a structure of CMS (Joomla, Droopal, Dolphin, WordPress, etc.);
– Adding social media options;
– High quality marketing services;
Online Store / eCommerce System;
– Adding a content management panel.

In order to obtain the customized offer according to your needs, please contact us. Try to specify as many details as you can about your project, to allow us to understand exactly how you want to show your final website.

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Web Administration / Maintenance

Your project has been successfully completed? You want your website to be constantly updated? Due to our skills you can have expert assistance whenever you need. IT Solutions Tonight provides the necessary support, by understanding the current market needs and constantly optimizing your website content for better positioning in search engines results.

But what we understand by the “maintenance of a website“? Maintenance represents regular administration actions and update of your website content. The update of the contents of any website represents one of the key elements that lead to visitor retention and attract new ones.

In view of optimizing a website for search engines, the maintenance is almost mandatory. Why? A search engine “sees” that a particular page of your website is different from a previously visited page, and it will visit that page often thinking it will be changed constantly. But for static pages, the optimization will be made harder, due to the fact that the pages are not indexed at time.

Our Web Administration / Maintenance Services include:
– Website Design Updates;
– Pages Content Updates;
– Content Creation;
Images / Videos Updates;
Features & Functionality Check;
– Website Speed Optimization;
– Check for Bad Links & 404 Pages;
CMS, Theme and Plugins Updates;
Blog Management;
Malware and Spam Scanning;
Email Addresses Maintenance;
– Search Engine Optimization (SEO);
Search Engine Submission;
– Full Backup of Website;
Database administration;
Social Media Management;
eCommerce & Products Maintenance;
Domain & Hosting Maintenance and more.

What do you need? Redesign or Web Administration / Maintenance? Take a look on our pricing table.

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Mobile Web Design

According to statistics, worldwide Internet users are increasingly using mobile phone to inquire about companies, products or services. They must not be neglected, given the fact that shopping from a mobile phone is becoming more simple, practical and handy.

Currently, there still exist phones that do not have the ability to display unoptimized web pages (tailored just for laptop / desktop view), so you can lose many customers because of this.

Whether you already have a website or want to create one, our team comes to your aid and helps implementing your projects. Optimizing or creating from scratch a website for mobile devices use, your business expands its horizon and potential of capturing the mobile customers.


Customers are becoming increasingly active in e-commerce. The main reasons are obvious: it is cheaper, more convenient and easier to buy online. Verification systems such as those from Visa, MasterCard and PayPal gaining more and more confidence to prospective clients.

Given the fact that are functioning more and more online stores, the fight for search engines is becoming increasingly fierce. In the near future it is expected that the number of virtual stores will increase at least a few times, which means that SEO is essential for a website.

Our team ensures that your projects will be in the front positions in Google searches, and we offers various methods of promotion using social sites, Adwords and other advertising alternatives.


The problem facing many companies is that they are easier to win a new customer than to retain an old customer. Why is it a problem? Due to the fact that the success and productivity of companies are directly affected by its ability to attract new customers and the ability to keep them.

People react at different shapes and colors, so the best way to promote your business is to create a logo. Once created, this logo will appear on your website, on banners, labels on everything related to the business you own.

IT Solutions Tonight helps and offers an identity that is easily understood by the consumer and is perfect to your business. By creating a unique logo, IT Solutions Tonight transforms your business into a corporate identity with a strong, memorable and positive visual impact.


Do you have a website? Open a search engine, type keywords representative for your company and watch the results. Your company is not among the leading ones? Now you are aware of why you need search engine optimization.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization represents the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic of a website. Optimization is based on ethical marketing strategies and ensures long-term results.

Our team helps you to position your website in top positions of search engines, ensuring in the same extent that it is aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate for visitors.


The newsletter has become over time the most effective way to keep in touch with current customers. It has the role of distributing new and relevant information to subscribers. Why it is essential? Because if the newsletter does not exist or is not created in a professional manner, customers, satisfied or not, will forget who you are and seek other companies who can serve their needs.

IT Solutions Tonight comes to the aid of those who need an effective newsletter, providing guarantee that emails will reach the recipient safely in your inbox, avoiding spam boxes. We can also implement additional functions such as “Subscribe / Unsubscribe” (avoid being detected as spam), “online viewing” (to help subscribers who can not open e-mail).

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